Online Lecture Access - Life on Mars? with Dr Jessica Whiteside

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Dr. Jessica Whiteside talks about the exciting world of Mars, new discoveries and what they tell us.

About this event

Humanity has been narrowing in on the red planet since Galileo first pointed his telescope at it 500 years ago. The big question on everyone’s mind now is whether Mars once harbored life on its formerly ocean covered surface. The answer may be awaiting us somewhere in the 3.5 billion year delta of Jezero Crater, where Perseverance, the six-wheeled, sample-caching, life-hunting rover and its sidekick chopper Ingenuity have been exploring the last 16 months. This talk will transport us from modern Mars, currently a red dust bowl seemingly barren of life, to its ancient state of a watery world rippled with an ocean, lakes, and rivers that may have hosted microbial life.


(Lectures last about 60 minutes, we will send you a link to the talk which is hosted on our website)