Mary Anning, A Life on the Rocks

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This is a factual history of England’s most famous fossil hunter Mary Anning and her major finds, which included ichthyosaurs, plesiosaurs and a pterodactyl. It also includes notes on other major pioneering palaeontologists of her time, including William Buckland, Henry de la Beche and William Conybeare, who were her friends and mentors.

On the 21st of May 1799 a baby girl was born to Richard and Mary Anning, Lyme Regis, Dorset. The daughter was christened Mary and she grew up to become one of the most famous fossil hunters of her age. She collected and studied fossils found in the surrounding cliffs of the Jurassic coast. Mary’s contribution had a major impact when scientific enquiry was leading to a change in the way people thought about the evolution of life and our planet - a story that would culminate with Charles Darwin's; ‘On the Origin of Species', published in 1859.

44 pages