Dinosaur Hey Clay Modelling Kit

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Make an assortment of dinosaur figures from easy-to-sculpt air-dry clay that is extremely soft, flexible and non-sticky.

This kit contains a rainbow assortment of clay with colours that can be easily mixed, immersing kids from ages 3 and up in a world of creativity and fun!

This air-dry clay is non-toxic and does not stick to hands or stain other objects. The clay air-dries in 24 hours. Each piece comes in a separate can for easy storage and sculpting multiple times.

Includes 15 cans of air-dry clay and 2 modelling tools.

Instructions not included in box - Download the free Hey Clay App on your device (device not included), for clear visually helpful step-by-step guide on how to form your Hey Clay character

Product code: 75147502

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