Beastly Times on the Jurassic Line by Simon Hall

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The fourth book in the adventure...

Somewhere on the Jurassic coast Tom, Holly, Mum, Dad and Pip the cat take a spring holiday trip on board the Swanage Railway. Joining them on their journey, a Professor Piddlebone is carrying a mysterious package that must be brought to the fossil museum at Kimmeridge. As the storm clouds grow darker and darker, a mighty calamitous storm is brewing over the battlements of Corfe Castle. A hot air balloon is in trouble.

Taking them on their trip is the iconic locomotive T3 class No.563. But on travelling into a dazzling thunderstorm… a terrifying series of events propels them back to a time when the land was covered by water and the beastly, grisly Liopleurodon, under the waves, rules the seas.

Will they make it back in time for tea or end up as tasty morsels for someone else’s dinner?


As a new author of children’s heritage locomotive books, I would like to introduce you to my work. Featuring Holly, Tom, Pip the cat and the sceptical parents as they travel on various Steam Locomotive experiences around the country. The Railways are loosely based on some you might know, the clue is in the title! Each book has a particular Locomotive that is promoted and though the story is fiction it is also educational. History, wildlife, geography, science, engineering and mythology are questioned and explored.

60 pages, 210x210mm suitable for ages 4 to 9+

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