NURCHUMS™ Elementos Dinodos Dino Hatching Egg

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 Nurchums Elementos are a new range of hatch and grow eggs which blend digital and physical toys. There are 4 exciting characters to collect in the Dinodos Hatching Egg range. As well as watching your dino hatch kids can now download the free Augmented Reality (AR) App to add collectables and bring this exciting hidden world to life — right before their eyes!


Hatch two ways: 

When placed in water, the physical egg will hatch and grow. It will hatch in 5 days. Meanwhile kids can hatch the virtual-character in our Augmented Reality (AR) App. They need to download the App and scan the sticker on the side of the egg BEFORE putting the egg in water.

Collect `power charms:

Charms are great. In the physical world, kids can personalise their charging cables with all the charms they collect. In the land of Elemento they allow kids to customise their characters, and unlock special powers and games. An exclusive power charm is hidden inside each egg, and additional charms can be bought separately. Collect them all, unlocking new powers and games along the way.