Different is Good - Alice the Aspiesaurus by Lucy Martin

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Sometimes even dinosaurs find it difficult to fit in – Alice discovers where her place in the world is!

A heart-warming picture book about a young autistic dinosaur called Alice. Alice has always struggled to fit in with the other dinosaurs, but with the help of her new friend, Alvin, she finally discovers her place – and realises that being different is good!
  • Based on the author’s experience of having autism
  • Gives children a positive message about autism
  • Challenges conventional stereotypes
  • A relevant message for children everywhere that differences are good
  • The dinosaur characters and colourful illustrations will appeal to all children
  • Vivid colour images, all hand-drawn by the author for the book
  • Image creation based on the latest dinosaur research, including which species had feathers and what their habitat looked like
  • ALL kids love dinosaurs – and this book has lots of them!
SKU HK5719
Format Paperback • 18x23cm • 32 pages • 25 colour pictures
ISBN 978-1-787117-19-8
UPC 6-36847-01719-4
Published SEPTEMBER 2020