Beyond Extinction - The Eternal Ocean, Climate Change & the continuity of life

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DOUBLE AWARD WINNER Independent Publisher Book Awards BEYOND EXTINCTION: The Eternal Ocean. Climate Change & the Continuity of Life The ocean is the womb of all life on earth. It is beautiful and bizarre, violent and mysterious. Inhabited by a cast of characters stolen from fantasy, it’s a dystopian world where dragons are real, and monsters are commonplace. Today’s spectacular marine life has an ancient history preserved in stone - fossil strata that read like dramatic pages from the longest story ever told: tales of evolution, extinction, and surprising continuity. Having thrived a tumultuous 500 million years, this marine kingdom is now challenged by a new, arrogant and domineering life form. This book looks beyond the media focus on climate change and extinction to celebrate the continuity of ocean life. I’ll take you on a personal journey to explore origins and destinies, from primordial soup to today’s threatened oceans - towards a future we can influence. We always have a choice. Wolfgang Grulke